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  • National network of of passengers public transport operators, at urban and regional level.
  • References concerning public transport sector industry and equipment suppliers.
  • Forum of the Romanian Public Transport stakeholders.
  • Advocate of the Romanian passengers urban public transport.


non-governmental, apolitical, autonomous and non-profit organization of public utility recognition acc. to the G.D. 1139/2005


URTP structure

The Association's structure is based on professional criteria. It is represented by regional branches, according to its own Statutes provisions and approved by URTP General Assembly.

The leading bodies of the Romanian Association of Public Transport are:

  • URTP General Assembly and
  • URTP Managing Council
    with specific attributions according to URTP Statutes provisions.

URTP Organization

Established in 1990, URTP is a professional employers' association of passengers urban public transport operators and specialized companies from Romania.

URTP Mission

To achieve the unity of action for all its members, in order to assure high quality services of the national passengers public transport system, at urban and metropolitan level, meeting travelers demands.


Supporting sustainable development of passengers local and regional public transport services, from social, economic and technical point of view.

URTP Targets
  • Stimulating, coordinating and supporting its members initiatives to offer public transport services according to the European and international standards of quality and efficiency.
  • Organizing professional debates, conferences, workshops, for a comprehensive exchange of knowledge, experience and information, both for technical and economical issues and topics of general interest as well.
  • Encouraging training courses and workshops, in order to improve the administrative, technical and management skills of URTP members' staff.
  • Initiating and stimulating the process of adapting the European legislation and standards to the specific conditions of our country.
  • Promoting the national industry of public transport sector for modernizing the current fleets and infrastructure.